It is important for any commercial pest control supplier to keep on top of all the current technologies available, and here at Check Services we are no exception.


Check Services have linked up with All On Mobile to introduce our bespoke Mobile App for uploading service information. This allows all our staff to update the state of service of any of our customers, keeping Check Services up to date at all times.

As well as providing Check Services with service information, staff can instantly send customers High Priority recommendations via email using photographs to help pin point issues.


We have developed an interactive, secure area within our website called Checkweb. Checkweb is Check Services’ new online information centre, designed to provide detailed information for our current clients including information such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Insurance Documents, generic Method Statements, Technical Inspection Reports and other service information.

All our reference data is available to each of our customers but only customers receiving Biologist Inspections can log into their own contract area and look at all the Biologist Report information.


We have developed an interactive reporting system that provides our customers with detailed information in a flexible, easy to use format. The reports  can be downloaded as Excel spread sheets and then filtered if required. In addition to the report itself, KPI matrices and  various types of trending are provided within the document.


The Green Trap Online system used by Check Services is an electronic rodent monitoring application which, via the mobile phone network, will alert the user to any activity that is present.

The system has the advantage of providing 24 hour a day monitoring that is not affected by problems associated with standard monitoring techniques such as bait shyness. It can also be used to monitor in areas where access is a problem; once installed personnel should only need to enter if a problem is picked up.

We have been using this system in certain areas at several sites for several years now and have found it to be highly beneficial to both our customers and ourselves. GTO would not be installed as part of our standard contract.  Please contact us for more details.


As technology advances, more and more tools become available to use. Check Services are very proactive in our adoption of new technologies where new developments and inventions will help us to provide our customers with a pest free environment.

Devices such as infra-red motion capture cameras are regularly used as well techniques provided by technology such as the use of ultra violet tracking dust.