Wasp problems?

It is extremely early in the wasp season but I came across this nest whilst cutting back a hedge in my garden. It is a good time for all commercial premises to consider their procedures for dealing with wasps. Consider your procedures and processes BEFORE you get a wasp problem. Proofing and good hygiene will reduce (and can prevent) wasp problems, even in food manufacturing sites which use fruits or sugar.

A fairly new wasp nest (approx 10cm) in a hedge.

These are Median wasps (Dolichovespula media). At this stage in the year it is probable that these workers are part of the first brood.

Median wasps are a relative new comer to the UK, having spread across from France in the 1980’s.

At this time of year wasps are rarely a ‘problem’. Worker wasps carry out garden pest control, hunting for insects to feed to the queen and larvae. Wasps tend to become more of an issue for humans later in the summer.

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